5 Best Tex-Mex in Fort Worth’s Northside

By Laurie James, Culinary Blogger, Visit Fort Worth
Dos Molina’s404 NW 25th St.
On Fort Worth’s Northside, Dos Molina’s is a hybrid of traditional Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes. You can have your choice of five different kinds of nachos or a burrito on a menu that also features traditional dishes like mole.
El Asadero1535 N. Main St.
El Asardero, also on the Northside, offers another true Mex/Tex-Mex mix. The menu is loaded with half a dozen kinds of nachos and many fajita options (including fajita nachos) as well! 
Joe T. Garcia’s2201 N. Commerce St.
Joe T. Garcia’s standard dinner menu includes beef or chicken fajitas and their version of nachos: a chalupa-sized corn tortilla smothered in cheddar cheese with slivered jalapenos to top it with, if you wish. The lunch menu also features cheese, bean and beef nachos.
Los Vaqueros2629 N. Main St.
Johnny Cisneros III’s kitchen at Los Vaqueros comfortably blends Mexican, Tex-Mex and some true original ideas. Fajitas, a carne asada salad, and brisket tacos share space on the menu with the Don Juan Coco Von (a riff on the French Coc au Vin) and rotisserie Tequila chicken tacos.
La Playa Maya1540 N. Main St.
At La Playa Maya’s three Fort Worth locations you’ll find fajita salad, fajita nachos and Cadillac fajitas with fancier rib-eye steak standing in for the skirt steak. Cowboy tacos (brisket stuffed into flour tortillas) and a burrito Del Norte smothered in your choice of sauce complete your Tex-Mex options.

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