Publisher Keith Powell, who has a degree in Fine Arts from Austin College in Sherman, worked in Dallas for Saunders, Lubinski & White Advertising Agency as a graphic designer and the Horchow Collection as production manager. In Fort Worth, he was a graphic designer at the Barr Printing Company.

In 1986, he started a freelance graphic design business called Powell Graphics Unlimited and officed with the Blue Moon Graphics group in Dallas. One of his clients was Evelyn Berger, who owned both the Dallas and Fort Worth Key Magazines.

Ms. Berger encouraged Powell to buy the Fort Worth Key, which he did in 1995. He published his first issue in April of that year.

Realizing Fort Worth Key Magazine needed an Internet presence; he put the magazine online in July 1996. With that feature, advertisers have both print and electronic exposure for the entire month or longer, depending on the length of the advertiser’s agreement. (

Powell has the support of his family in this venture. Powell’s wife Staci serves as financial officer. His father, Alton Dee Powell, who was retiring after 47 years in the wholesale drug business, became vice-president and marketing manager of Fort Worth Key Magazine when purchase of the magazine came about. Powell’s mother, Foncell F. Powell, a freelance writer with a background in journalism, became the editor of Fort Worth Key then too. Contributing writers have been the late Don Patterson, Kay Jones, Lauri Arnold and presently Michael H. Price and Lisa Farrimond.

‘At the front desk’

Over 5,000 copies of Fort Worth Key Magazine are distributed to 80-plus separate locations each month. That includes hotels, tourist information centers, museums, and convention and visitors’ bureaus.

“When a visitor goes to a hotel check-in, or to the concierge desk, he’ll most likely find a Key Magazine there,” says Powell.

9 reasons visitors need a monthly Key to this city

Each issue contains a comprehensive events calendar, telling guests what’s happening in Fort Worth, Arlington, DFW Airport and Grapevine.

Four pages of easy-to-read maps “have been customized for easy navigation, highlighting major areas like our Cultural District, Sundance Square and the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District,” Powell says.

Key is also the “visitor market guide” for families who relocate to this area.

It’s smaller and easier to use than local newspapers, because most visitors don’t know “which section will tell them where they can eat, buy boots, see a play, hear a symphony, or see museum exhibits,” Powell explains.

Key also makes more sense for a visitor than a hotel’s TV schedule, which tells then mainly what shows to watch in their rooms,” Powell says. “We encourage visitors to get out and about!”

“Most guide books are good,” Powell adds, “but many aren’t current. Ours is updated every month.”

“We’re circulated in the places where visitors stay,” Powell says, noting that the magazines are distributed to an astounding 90 area hotels.

With Fort Worth Key’s Internet presence, advertisers have both print and electronic exposure for the entire month or longer, depending on the length of the advertiser’s agreement.

Fort Worth Key Magazine celebrated its 51st year as Fort Worth’s best visitor’s guide,” Powell concludes. “We stay around to help people get around better!”

Next Steps…

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