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“Take care of the customer and everything else will take care of itself.”   -James Cavender

5GirlsIceCreamDock15-Edit.jpgCavender’s has become the go-to western wear retailer with a reach spanning eight states. 

James R. Cavender, patriarch of Cavender’s Boot City, is quoted as saying, “There is a four-letter word…W-O-R-K … nothing is going to happen unless you’re willing to WORK.” And you would expect nothing less from the visionary who began a western wear dynasty.

In 1957, James R. Cavender opened a little burger joint called the Dairy Hart in the small East Texas town of Pittsburg. After years of this, he grew tired of dipping ice cream and flipping hamburgers and decided to open a clothing store, Cavender & Smith’s. A year later, James bought out his partner and, being a farm boy with an agricultural degree, he bought three styles of Tony Lama boots. History was now in the making for the renamed Cavender’s. 

LW2591N_Wrangler_Anna4_12_16_10.jpgWranglerWesWadeRope37-Edit.jpgMr. Cavender’s strong work ethic, which he passed to his family and associates, endures, as they recently celebrated 50 years of hard work and trend-setting cow-ture.

Today, Cavender’s is distinguished in the industry as a western tradition with over 70 stores across 8 states, 50 of which are peppered across the Lone Star State.

Cavender’s is truly a family operation with James’ eldest son, Joe, serving as president of the company. His brothers, Mike and Clay Cavender, are also involved – Mike is in charge of site selection while Clay oversees store design and merchandising. Their mother, Pat, still decorates all new and remodeled stores. Her diligence and attention to detail allow customers to experience the true western style in each store.

AriatFatherKidBoots3-Edit.jpgCBG1249_Corral_Anna5-4-16_6.jpgThe Cavender family owns and operates five working ranches throughout Texas, allowing them to gather inspiration for their “ranch tested” products. Combining a little of the old west with a lot of the new, Cavender’s offers the latest and most affordable styles in western wear. Cavender’s stores carry work wear, classic western styles, the latest trends in men’s and ladies’ fashion, accessories, home décor and, of course, boots!

Choose from brands such as Ariat, Justin, Lucchese, Tony Lama and many others.

RockRollBrianMollyHorse18-Edit.jpgAlong with the most popular footwear, you’ll find the latest styles in jeans, shirts, outerwear, jewelry and accessories. If you’re looking for a new hat, the symbol of the American West, you are sure to find the perfect one at Cavender’s. Their selection includes felt, straw and palm leaf styles for folks of all ages, from brands such as Stetson, Resistol, Rodeo King and more.

You’ll find a huge selection of men’s jeans from Rock & Roll Cowboy, Cinch, Ariat and Wrangler. Women’s jeans and skirts are from Miss Me, Grace in LA, Wrangler and more. These brands stand for quality, durability and value.

Whether you’re looking for mainstream western apparel or just sticking to a traditional look, Cavender’s has eight convenient D/FW stores ready to serve you. For the nearest location, call 1-800-696-BOOT or see what’s in store at