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Bone to Stone: A Fossil’s Journey

IMG_0093.jpgIf you’ve ever wanted to walk with a dinosaur, the newly renovated DinoLabs at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History makes that dream come true. It’s a futuristic space where you’ll experience dinosaurs in a whole new light. This stunning gallery features rare artifacts from the Museum’s paleontology collection coupled with cutting-edge movement technology that will enthrall and entertain. The result is an experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen in Fort Worth!

“The renovation of DinoLabs is significant because it represents where we are headed as an institution,” said Van Romans, Museum President. 2016-07-08 FWMSH-36.jpg“It is the seamless integration of technology with dinosaur specimens and artifacts from our collection which have enthralled generations.”

The exhibit highlights three fully articulated dinosaur specimens, an Allosaurus and Camptosaurus known colloquially as the “Fighting Dinosaurs,” and also a Tenontosaurus. You will be amazed to see these ancient creatures up close! The exhibit also features various fossils from Paluxysaurus jonesi, the State Dinosaur of Texas, Acrocanthosaurus atokensis and even Tyrannosaurus Rex. Dozens of rocks and minerals are also highlighted in the exhibit so you can IMG_9995.jpgdiscover the incredible journey dinosaurs take on their trip from bone to stone.

While the artifacts in DinoLabs allow you to see dinosaurs, the technology allows you to experience dinosaurs! Movement technology and high-tech screens create an immersive space where anything is possible. DinoLand brings the dinosaurs of your imagination to life! Draw your own personalized dinosaur and see it come to life on a 19-foot curved screen with a constantly changing landscape. Another interactive video wall brings the action to you in DinoStomp. The screen tracks your motion, awakening dinosaurs along the DinoDig_Families_2010_001.jpgway. Raptors rise out of the prehistoric grass, and you may even see a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

The dinosaur experience does not end at DinoLabs. Venture to DinoDig for an outdoor experience unlike any other. DinoDig, which has been a staple at the Museum since 1993, invites you to become a paleontologist. You will discover the skills needed to uncover and excavate fossils as you explore the sandy ground for authentic local fossils of clams, snails, sea biscuits, and ammonites dispersed throughout the exhibit. 

“In addition to the fun of discovering and digging up fossils, DinoDig offers field guides that allow IMG_0007.jpgguests to experience the methodology behind fossil excavation,” said Romans. “It’s important that guests understand the science paleontologists use, so we incorporated an additional science overlay into DinoDig.” Authenticity is so pivotal to the Museum that the exhibit is a reproduction of the Jones Ranch where the Paluxysaurus jonesi was discovered in 1982.

Paluxysaurus jonesi, the State Dinosaur of Texas, is housed at a prominent spot in the Museum’s Atrium. Based on fossils from Hood County and dinosaur footprints from near Glen Rose, Texas, the dinosaur lived 112 million years ago during the IMG_1458.JPGCretaceous Period and was common to North Texas. It measured close to 12 feet high at the shoulder, was approximately 60 feet in length, and weighed roughly 20 tons.

Beyond DinoLabs, there are other wonders to experience and explore. The Museum is home to the Noble Planetarium where you can see twenty-minute shows that bring the stars to you. Visit the Museum’s special exhibition, Hidden Treasures: Celebrating 75 Years and explore the many permanent galleries and exhibits including the Fort Worth Children’s Museum, and the 9/11 Tribute Exhibit. Get hands-on in Innovation Studios where you can experience unique opportunities that IMG_0002.jpgnurture imagination, curiosity, and creativity. Stop by the Omni Theater to see a film on the largest IMAX dome west of the Mississippi. You can even find unique, science-themed gifts at Shop Too! There is something for everyone at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.

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